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Patty earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Marquette University in 1988 and has continued to do her work as a physical therapist for over 30 years. She has undergone extensive training in manual therapy, including courses at the  MGH Institute for Allied Health Professionals. In addition, Patty's coursework in corrective exercise is extensive and she continues to attend lectures and courses. 

This strong professional foundation has helped foster Patty's passion for well being of a larger scale.  She sought out various avenues to feed the mind, body and soul connection. She became a certified personal trainer, Pilates and yoga instructor while deeply exploring mindfulness meditation. This unique training, along with her lifelong love for sports as an athlete and coach gives her a comprehensive approach to wellness and healing.   

Patty Magill


Kiley Glavin

Kiley has always loved fitness and leads a very active lifestyle. She has worked for multiple fitness facilities and learned about rehab and corrective approach from working at Rebound Physical Therapy. Since graduating college with a Public Health degree, she decided to further her knowledge by receiving certifications from NASM in nutrition coaching, group fitness and personal training. Working with all ages, she loves the feelings brought on by helping people move towards a healthier life! 
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